Siru ID

Global Strong Customer Authentication


Online onboarding

Create an excellent customer experience with secure online onboarding or check-in.

Automatic ID verification

Automatically captures and normalizes the photo on the ID.

Age verification

Verify customer age before giving access to age-restricted content or services.


Fulfill KYC requirements

Secure transactions

Create passwordless login or authenticate customers before performing high-risk transactions.

Identity Frauds

Give customers a hassle-free experience every time they access your services

Liveness check

Liveness detection checks if the person is real and alive.

Instant features

Instant access to all new features released

Automate eKYC and identity proofing online

Secure your business and improve your customer experience by adopting a fully automated identity proofing and eKYC process.


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It's like an app, but better.

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