Part time Financial Coordinator

Part time Financial Coordinator (Finland & Sweden) – Explore Additional Responsibilities Based on Your Interests and Abilities!

Do you want to work with an innovative mobile payments company? Do you want the freedom of remote work, being the master of your own schedule? Are you a self-starter and eager to learn new things? You’ve found your match!

Siru Mobile is growing and we’re looking for a Financial Coordinator to join our team. The position we offer is part-time, flexible and remote. You’ll work 10 to 15 hours per week, and you can work from anywhere in the world as long as you have internet access.

Who we are

We’re Siru Mobile. A FinTech company specialized in payment technology and mobile payment concepts based on carrier billing. Today we’re a team of 8 people – all passionate about what we do and experts in our own fields.

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Role Overview

As a Financial Coordinator at Siru Mobile, you will assume a pivotal role in ensuring the financial integrity of our organization during maternity leave cover. Your primary responsibilities encompass coordinating and managing various financial tasks, which involve accurate bookkeeping, streamlined invoicing, and effective communication with stakeholders. Moreover, we welcome your opportunity to diversify your role by taking on additional areas of responsibility based on your skills and passions.

Opportunity for Long-term Engagement:

While this position arises due to maternity leave cover, we are excited to identify a candidate who aligns seamlessly with our organization's values and operations. If you prove to be the right fit and contribute positively to our team during this period, we are open to discussing the possibility of your continued engagement even after the maternity leave concludes.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Coordinating and maintaining financial records for both Finnish and Swedish bookkeeping, including meticulous material upkeep and timely delivery.
  • Coordination of audits, tax returns and related communication with authorities and stakeholders.
  • Managing billing processes, ensuring precise and punctual invoicing.
  • Optimizing cash flow management to reinforce our financial stability.
  • Conducting weekly and monthly reconciliations, fostering open communication with merchants to promptly address any discrepancies.
  • Ensuring prompt and accurate processing of invoice payments.
  • Orchestrating the complete invoicing cycle
  • Responsible for processing, reporting and coordination of funding applications

Additional Responsibilities

At Siru Mobile, we recognize that you possess unique interests and capabilities. We embrace the opportunity for you to delve into other domains, such as:

  • Administrative tasks
  • Overseeing payroll and HR functions.
  • Navigating contracts and agreements.
  • AML/Compliance
  • GDPR

What we expect from you

  • Understanding of Finnish and Swedish accounting practices, tax regulations, and audit procedures.
  • Bachelor's degree in Accounting, Finance, or a related field.
  • Exceptional communication skills to collaborate effectively with stakeholders.
  • Detail-driven mindset, capable of meticulously managing intricate financial processes.

What we offer

This offers a compelling opportunity for professionals seeking flexibility, as well as those inclined towards part-time engagements. Our arrangement is particularly well-suited for individuals who value adaptable schedules while delivering refined expertise.

Upon joining us, you'll undergo an immersive onboarding experience that prepares you comprehensively for success right from the start. As an integral member of our innovative and dynamic company, you'll find yourself at the forefront of our fast-paced operations, contributing to groundbreaking initiatives.

Your journey with us not only yields immediate impact but also presents the avenue to nurture your professional growth in sync with our collective advancement.


Don't wait until the deadline! Send us your CV and application by email to We're accepting applications until September 14th, 2023, but we encourage you to apply as soon as possible as we review applications on an ongoing basis. If you're interested in joining our team as a part-time, remote financial coordinator, please don't hesitate to apply now! We'll be in touch with all applicants as soon as possible.


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