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Experience the peace of mind that comes with a 98% success rate, guaranteeing seamless transactions in real time every single time.

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Feel the power of seamless connection as you effortlessly reach all customers through integrated mobile and bank payments. Reach 122 million mobile phone users and 134 million bank accounts, creating bonds that span the nation.

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Seamlessly connect to all banks and mobile phone airtime payments.



Instant real-time payments, including crypto options, are made directly to your account.


Value-added services

Send funds to customers, offer vouchers, or enable bank account deposits, with various options.

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Simply request crypto settlements from us and receive payments in stable currencies of your choice. Settlements can be selected daily, weekly, or monthly.
Our product includes bank and mobile airtime payments, automated risk management solutions, and customer support for merchants and end-users.
Our updated API facilitates quick integration, encompassing all payments in one seamless integration. Developers can receive assistance online via chat.

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