Terms and conditions

The use of Siru Mobile payment service requires that you read and accept these terms of use.

The general Terms and Conditions ("Terms of Service") outlined herein shall apply to the conditions under which the customer ("Customer") is entitled to use the Mobile Payment Service ("Service") produced by Siru Mobile Oy ("Service Provider") and all uses of the Service.

In addition to these Terms of Service, each merchant has its own function-specific instructions and rules that are customer binding. Merchant instructions and rules are available in connection with the payment service.

The Service Provider can transfer their contractual rights and / or deposits in accordance with these Terms and Conditions either completely or partially to a third-party at any time without notice. These Terms and Conditions are in effect until further notice. The Service Provider reserves the right to change the terms without notice. If the user does not agree to any change in conditions, the user must stop using the Service.

The Service Provider reserves the right to create country-specific differences in the Service.

The Service is chargeable.

1. Service contents

By using the Service you are in a contractual relationship to Siru Mobile Oy (company number 2396480-6) with registered address at Fredrikinkatu 61, 00100 Helsinki.

The Service enables mobile payments on Web Service Provider (Merchants) sites. The Service Provider provides the Service in a way it sees fit.

The Service Provider strives to continuously develop the Service and has the right at any time to modify the Service and these Terms of Service.

Through the mediation of the Service, the Customer may pay for the products and services he / she has ordered through websites maintained by Web Service Provider (Merchants). Payment will be charged in connection with the bill of the Customer’s mobile subscription.

2. Billing of payment and payment terms

The subscription-specific mobile payment limit is three hundred (300) euros per month, or the approximate equivalent sum in the local currency.

The sum of the products the Customer buys will be added to the subsequent phone bill.

Costs and refunds

The cost for the Customer consists of the price of the paid product, a telephone operator's commission, and the cost of the service. Customer costs may vary for reasons that are independent of the Service Provider.

The Service Provider is not liable for the agreements between the Customer and his / her telephone provider and the costs they impose on the use of the Service. One can get a refund for an unsuccessful payment only against a call specification. The call specification shall be sent to the address support@sirumobile.com or by mail to Siru Mobile’s physical address.

The Service Provider reserves the right to sell the receivables forward. The Service Provider undertakes to refund the incorrect charges that resulted from the failure of the Service Provider and is responsible to refund incorrect charges within two (2) months after the payment transaction. After two months have passed from the payment transaction, the end-user takes full responsibility for incorrect charges.

When a refund may not be given:

The service provider does not have an obligation to provide a refund in following situations:

  • you don’t want the purchased digital service or product
  • the service did not meet your expectations
  • you changed your mind
  • you bought a service or product by mistake

We recommend to contact the Web Service provider (Merchant) if you are not satisfied with the bought product or service.

3. Collection of information

We collect information in order to improve our services. We may collect information you provide when you use the Siru Mobile payment transaction or when you provide information as part of our identity verification process. We may collect, but are not restricted to collecting, the following basic user information: your name, phone number, and email address, as well as logging information about specific mobile transactions. We may use the information about you to provide, maintain, protect and improve our mobile payment services, to develop new services and to deliver any information and support you may request, including technical notices, security alerts, support, and administrative messages. We may also analyze the information in order to improve our services.

4. The customers rights and obligations

Use of the Service requires that you comply with these Terms and agree to their use.

The Customer declares that he / she is of legal age, holder of the subscription used in the payment transaction, or has the permission of the subscription holder to use it for mobile payment. The Customer undertakes to use the Service in accordance with laws, regulations, codes of conduct and rules of this website. It is strictly forbidden to abuse the Service. In cases of abuse, the Service Provider will track down the Customer, limit the Customer’s access to the service and possibly set the user legally accountable for the abuse.

The Customer undertakes to provide the Service Provider the truthful personal data and other information necessary that is relevant when using the Service. The Customer shall inform the Service Provider about changes that might be made in these particulars. The Service Provider processes personal data in accordance with the Data Protection Act.

If necessary, the Service Provider may check Customer's credit in the credit information system. Personal data is checked in the population register.

Unlawful use of third-party subscriptions, use of stolen or otherwise unlawfully acquired subscription or submission of false information to the Service Provider all shall be considered abuse of the Service.

The Service Provider is to prevent use of the Service, if there are reasonable grounds to suspect that the Service is used in violation of these Terms of Service, Special Conditions, good manners in general, or law.

The user (or the owner of the subscription used) is also liable to pay the Service Provider for the damage caused by use in violation of the Terms of Service or law.

5. Service providers liability

The Service Provider strives to offer a service of as high quality as possible and is responsible for the implementation and operation of the mobile payment solution.

The Service Provider is not liable for direct or indirect harm to the client or third parties caused by disruptions or errors that may occur in the Service.

The Service Provider is not liable for interference in data communication, delay of messages, lost messages, error messages, etc., regardless of whether the interference is due to telephone operators, overloaded data communications, power failure, hardware failure, or other similar reason - this includes minor flaws in the systems usability. The Customer is liable for any actions that he / she has done knowingly or unknowingly and the Service Provider disclaims all liability.

The Service Provider is not liable for damage caused by an Act of God, insurmountable barrier or similar reason.

The Service Provider is not liable for misinformation, damage, malfunction or disruption caused by the merchant’s site or the quality of the merchant’s services.

The Service Provider sells and delivers services to the Merchant. The merchant is held accountable for the functionality of the service, solution and/or product.

The Service Provider is not held accountable or liable for the Merchants products, services, functionality or legal issues within the Merchant. If the End user notices any of the fore mentioned issues, the End user is asked to inform the Service Provider or the Merchant.

6. Rights

Service content and appearance are copyrighted. The material of the Service may also include legally protected trademarks.

Ownership of the Service and all copyrights and other intellectual property rights relating to its content and software, belong to the Service Provider.

7. Data protection

The Service Provider maintains a customer database, whose data are used to maintain and manage the customer relationship. The Service Provider as well as companies and partners that belong to the same group, has the right to process the data in the registry for the purpose of use as warranted under the Data Protection Act. Customer agrees that data regarding him / her is retained in accordance with the Data Protection Act.

8. Applicable law

Finnish law is applied on these Terms of Use.


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